Walsh Contracting has rebranded to ISC

6th November 2023

Walsh Contracting has recently rebranded to ISC and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this transformative journey. On Monday 6th November 2023 we officially rebranded, highlighting a significant milestone in our journey. We want to take this opportunity to share our story, our vision, and the reasons behind this significant change.

A Legacy of Excellence Since 1972

Our journey began in 1972 when we first traded as Walsh. In those early days, we quickly established ourselves as London’s leading provider of bulk freight solutions, encompassing road, river, and rail transport, as well as waste management services. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and evolution has been the driving force behind our success throughout the years.

In 2017, a new chapter in our history unfolded when Walsh became a proud member of the GRS Group, a renowned name in Britain’s construction industry. The GRS Group specialises in trading and transporting construction aggregates, building products, and waste materials across the UK. This partnership brought together the collective strength of two industry giants, setting the stage for even greater achievements.

As a part of the GRS Group, ISC was empowered by a network of resources and services that only enhanced our offering. Our affiliation with the GRS Group opened new doors and enabled us to deliver comprehensive solutions that met the complex requirements of our clients. We became a vital part of the GRS Group’s mission as the country’s independent supplier of construction materials, offering everything from low-carbon recycled aggregates to high-volume bulk aggregates for some of the country’s most significant construction projects.

A Pivotal Moment in Our Journey

Fast forward to 2023, and we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. The significant growth of our business, coupled with our expanding range of services, compelled us to embrace change and rebrand as ISC. This rebranding reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering integrated solutions that transcend expectations.

ISC stands as a testament to our diversified portfolio of services offered not only in London but also in Essex and across the entire United Kingdom. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and evolution remains unchanged, but our name and brand will better represent the comprehensive solutions we provide.

What Does ISC Stand For?

Our Vision

To construct a legacy of excellence – for our people, our projects and our planet.

Our Mission

We’re building a workforce that transcends expectations, setting new industry standards for quality, innovation and sustainability.

Our Purpose

To develop high-performing people who deliver successful projects, forging lasting partnerships with clients based on trust and shared success.

The Next Chapter

ISC is ready to continue its legacy of excellence, offering a broader range of services while upholding our core values. Stay tuned for more updates as ISC embarks on this exciting journey.


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