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ISC stands at the forefront of transforming concepts into reality, with value engineering and a dedication to excellence.

When you choose ISC, you’re not just choosing a construction partner; you’re choosing a team that is dedicated to the task at hand. Explore our services, discover our commitment to excellence, and reach out to us today.

We’re ready to work with you to create a brighter, more innovative and sustainable future together.

At ISC, we’re poised to conquer new horizons, armed with a legacy of excellence, expertise, and a vision for the future. Our journey is guided by a relentless pursuit of construction perfection, and we take immense pride in being the go-to partner for Earthworks, Civil Engineering, and Enabling projects across the UK.

Enabling Works

Enabling works are the backbone of any construction project. ISC specialises in providing the essential infrastructure and support needed to overcome obstacles and drive success.

We understand that each project is unique, and our enabling services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. With detailed planning and execution, we can create the ideal environment for your next project to thrive.


Earthworks are one of the first steps in any construction project, and at ISC, we take pride in excelling at this crucial stage. Our earthworks services are a testament to our precision and expertise. We sculpt the land, preparing it to be the canvas upon which your vision will come to life.

Our earthworks services cover excavation, grading, land preparation, and more, ensuring that your project begins on stable ground.

Civil Engineering

At ISC we have the expertise to tackle the most complex civil engineering projects across the UK. We push the boundaries of innovation, setting new industry standards for quality, creativity, and precision. Whether it's infrastructure development, structural design, or project management, we bring engineering excellence to the forefront.

Working on projects of all shapes and sizes, we offer a bespoke approach to ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard, whilst also being cost-effective and completed on time.

We have found the level of service provided by ISC on the Siemens Blade Project in Hull absolutely first class and would undoubtedly use them on future VolkerFitzpatrick projects.

Jon Evans – VolkerFitzpatrick

What we do

Crafting tomorrow’s infrastructure with our sustainable methodology

Our affiliation with the GRS Group only strengthens our capabilities, enhancing our reach, resources, and ability to deliver integrated solutions that redefine industry standards. This synergy enables us to offer a level of service that goes beyond the ordinary, setting us apart as a trusted leader in the construction sector.

As we look ahead, ISC remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and building lasting partnerships. Our focus is not just on our projects, but on a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for communities and industries across the UK. Join us in shaping the future, where every project is an opportunity to make a positive impact, and excellence is the only benchmark we know.


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