Excavator Safety Talk Delivered to ISC Sites

5th March 2024

Over the past few weeks, our HSEQ Manager, Graham has been hosting important safety talks for everyone on our sites across the country. With the help of the site teams, everyone gathered around one of our excavators to discuss the reach and potential dangers of its movement. The team were also reminded how to properly communicate with the operator before approaching the machine.

Graham demonstrated the excavator’s blind spots by having each person sit inside the cab and take in the operator’s point of view. This allowed them to understand the limitations on visibility that the operator faces each day.

People Plant Interface is one of the most significant risks on all of our projects.


Safety is our number one priority at ISC and by taking the time to deliver these vital sessions, we can ensure that every person on each of our sites returns home safe at the end of each day.

Together, we will uphold our pledge to NO HARM. DONE.



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