Zephyr Park

Location: Dagenham, Essex

Client: Glencar

Completion Date: June 2024

ISC are proud to present our recently completed project for our client, Glencar at Zephyr Park in Dagenham, Essex. This multi-unit industrial/warehouse scheme features units ranging from 5,490 – 50,202 sq ft. The site’s prime location on Rainham Road, between the A12 and A13, ensures excellent connectivity and accessibility, making it a significant addition to the industrial landscape for East London.

Our work on this project encompassed an extensive scope, beginning with Earthworks and ground improvement, which was achieved using Rolling Dynamic Compaction (RDC).

The construction of reinforced concrete (RC) substructures was a critical part of the project, ensuring durability and longevity for the industrial units. In addition, we implemented an efficient surface water drainage system, featuring an attenuation tank to manage and control water flow, thus mitigating the risk of flooding.

Service ducting was installed to accommodate utilities and services, ensuring easy access for maintenance and future upgrades. The external RC yard substructures were developed to support heavy industrial activities and HGV movements. We also created durable block-paved surfaces and footpaths, providing safe and convenient pedestrian access throughout the site.

A significant aspect of the project was the complete construction of internal roads, facilitating smooth traffic flow and access to all units within the development. Additionally, we executed Section 278 (S278) works, which included modifications and improvements to the existing public highway infrastructure to support the new development. The S278 works were completed to new dates within a reduced programme and were signed off on completion with no defects thanks to our brilliant site team.

One of the highlights of this project was our ability to reduce the programme by 7 weeks to meet the new timeline set by the client. Despite this accelerated schedule, we maintained high-quality standards, resulting in no defective works other than minor, generic snags.

Health and safety was paramount throughout the project thanks to our No Harm. Done. campaign, and we are proud to report that there were no Lost Time Injuries (LTI) during the approximate 19,200 man-hours worked. This achievement highlights our commitment to ensuring a safe working environment for all our team members.

Our engagement with local businesses, the local authority, and stakeholders during the works was integral to the project’s success. We ensured strong relationships and open communication was maintained, which facilitated smooth operations and community support. We also prioritised using a local supply chain and suppliers during delivery, contributing to the local economy and promoting sustainability.

From the initial Earthworks to the final road construction, our team’s dedication to excellence has resulted in a state-of-the-art industrial development that meets the diverse needs of modern businesses. The success of Zephyr Park highlights our capability to execute complex projects efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, sustainability and health and safety.

We look forward to leveraging this experience in future projects, continuing to contribute to the growth and development of industrial infrastructure throughout the UK.


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