The Powerhouse Development Project

Location: Dartford, Kent​

Completion Date: February 2020​

Our involvement in The Powerhouse Development Project in Dartford, Kent, played a pivotal role in the site’s transformation. Our primary focus for this project was the execution of enabling works, which encompassed the removal of slabs and other obstructions, effectively clearing the area to make way for further development.

One of the distinctive features of this project was the importation and placement of fill material, a process carried out in two phases to raise site levels. This strategic approach allowed for the optimisation of the site’s topography and facilitated a more efficient use of space for the development. Moreover, the entire process was meticulously managed in accordance with CL:AIRE guidelines, underlining our commitment to environmentally responsible practices and ensuring that the project met rigorous environmental standards.

Our work on The Powerhouse Development Project demonstrates our dedication to enabling works and our ability to transform sites into prime locations for future development. The successful execution of these enabling tasks not only sets the stage for subsequent construction but also highlights our commitment to responsible land use and sustainable building practices in the heart of Kent’s evolving landscape.


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