Springhead Bridge

Location: Ebbsfleet, Kent

Completion Date: July 2020

In the summer of 2020 we completed a project involving a comprehensive scope of works for the construction of Springhead Bridge. A site clearance was essential which included the removal of vegetation and debris, giving us a clean canvas for construction. This initial step set the stage for what was to become a highly intricate and well-executed project.

The excavation and backfilling of cofferdams for the bridge abutments were pivotal to the entire operation. This process demanded precision and care to create the secure foundation necessary for the abutments. Our team of experienced engineers and construction experts diligently managed the cofferdam construction, ensuring it met the strict structural requirements for the bridge. Once in place, these cofferdams laid the foundation for the bridge abutments, an integral component of the entire structure. The construction of these abutments required careful planning and precise execution to ensure they could support the bridge safely and effectively.

In addition to these essential phases, our team also managed various other aspects of the project, such as drainage systems, ducting for utilities, sub-base preparation, kerbing, and hard landscaping.

In summary, our team’s successful completion of this extensive project highlights our commitment to excellence. This project not only contributed to enhanced connectivity but also improved the overall infrastructure and accessibility within the region, benefiting the community and ensuring safe and efficient transportation.


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