Southern Link Road & Service Diversions

Location: Purfleet, Essex

Completion Date: August 2021​

We completed a significant civils project that involved the creation of a vital link road, which was an essential part of enhancing transportation infrastructure in Purfleet. This project included the installation of a new in-situ Reinforced Concrete (RC) Box culvert and the diversion of the water main and foul drainage beneath an adjacent railway line. The completion of this project marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to improve the local infrastructure and facilitate smoother traffic flow in the area.

The highlight of this project was the construction of the in-situ RC Box culvert, a complex engineering feat that required precision planning and execution. The culvert was designed to channel and manage water flow efficiently while providing structural integrity for the flow of traffic. Its successful construction required our team to work with precision and expertise, ensuring that it met all the necessary safety and environmental standards.

Additionally, our team expertly managed the diversion of the water main and foul drainage beneath the adjacent railway line. This aspect of the project involved coordination with multiple companies, including utility and railway authorities, to ensure minimal disruption to existing services and operations. Our commitment to completing this project with the highest level of professionalism and safety shows our dedication to serving the community by improving its infrastructure.

In conclusion, the construction of the link road, RC Box culvert, and the associated water main and foul drainage diversion were successfully completed. Our team’s expertise and dedication were pivotal in ensuring the project’s success, and we are proud to have played a role in enhancing the region’s infrastructure and connectivity.


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