Project Triathlon

Location: DP World London Gateway, Essex

Completion Date: August 2021

The work on Project Triathlon at DP World encompassed a significant undertaking involving extensive bulk earthworks, focusing on the removal of a substantial 240,000 cubic meters of sand surcharge material. This operation was carried out with precision to prepare the site for future development. The extracted material was strategically placed, some within the building footprint and various stockpiles on-site, while a portion was transported up to 1.5 kilometres away by road lorries for responsible disposal.

A notable feature of this project was the import and placement of approximately 40,000 metric tons of our sustainable Type 1 Granite Secondary Aggregate, which is BREAMM approved. This eco-friendly and high-quality aggregate served as a responsible and reliable alternative for construction material, contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing the need for virgin resources.

Our expertise in bulk earthworks and sustainable materials management highlights our commitment to environmentally conscious and efficient construction practices. This project’s successful execution not only prepared the site for future development but also showcased our dedication to responsible land use and resource management within the construction industry.


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