LPT2 Hurst Road Construction

Location: Bexley, Kent

Completion Date: October 2020

The LPT2 Hurst Road job involved the comprehensive construction of a 200-meter temporary road, showcasing our commitment to delivering efficient and safe transportation solutions. The project encompassed a range of vital elements, starting with earthworks to prepare the terrain for the road’s foundation. Careful attention was paid to the design and construction of the drainage system, ensuring proper water management and mitigating the risk of flooding.

The project also included the capping of the road to provide a solid and durable surface for traffic. As part of the S278 works, we meticulously executed traffic management measures to ensure the safety of road users during construction. Surfacing of the road was carried out with precision, and line marking and signage installation were completed to facilitate clear and safe traffic flow.

Safety and security were paramount, with the erection of fencing to protect both road users and construction areas. Additionally, landscaping efforts were made to enhance the visual appeal of the temporary road and its surroundings. This project underscored our expertise in delivering end-to-end road construction solutions, from initial earthworks to final landscaping, ensuring the safe and efficient flow of traffic while maintaining a focus on environmental and aesthetic considerations.


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