Beam Park Ph 2a/2b – Enabling Works and Ground Improvement

Location: Dagenham, Essex

Completion Date: September 2020

This project involved a comprehensive site transformation that required detailed planning and execution. The scope of work was extensive and began with the demolition of existing structures, followed by thorough site clearance to make way for the forthcoming construction. In addition to these preparatory measures, we conducted the break up and removal of hardstandings, further clearing the area for what was to come.

One of the most critical aspects of this project was the turnover of the entire site to a depth of 3 meters, which entailed the removal of obstructions and the treatment of contaminated areas. This process ensured that the site was properly prepared for the new development. Additionally, we installed a ground mattress and French drains to facilitate band drain works, which played a pivotal role in site drainage and stability.

To further prepare the site for development, we executed the installation of band drains, imported and placed surcharge materials, and integrated monitoring equipment to assess ground stability and potential environmental impacts. The subsequent monitoring helped ensure that all construction activities were carried out in a safe and controlled manner. Finally, we completed the removal and stockpiling of surcharge materials, emphasising our commitment to responsible and sustainable construction practices. This project exemplified our expertise in delivering complex site preparation projects while prioritising safety, environmental stewardship, and efficient land use.


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