A131 Improvements (Horizon 120)

Location: Braintree, Essex​

Completion Date: July 2020​

We perfected the development plateaus, roads and other essential infrastructure at Horizon 120 in Braintree. This job was undertaken with meticulous planning and unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier results, ensuring the project would meet the needs of the client.

The development plateaus involved precision grading and levelling of the land to provide stable, buildable platforms for future construction. Our team expertly engineered the plateaus to ensure they met all structural requirements while taking into account the local topography, drainage, and environmental considerations.

In addition, our team constructed roads that would connect the new development to the existing transportation network. These roads were expertly designed to promote efficient traffic flow, safety, and accessibility. From grading and compaction to pavement construction, our road-building expertise ensured that they would withstand the test of time, providing reliable connectivity.

Our dedication to environmentally responsible practices was evident throughout the project, with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions integrated into the job. Our team’s expertise and attention to detail have contributed to the creation of a sustainable and well-connected development that will serve as a vital asset to the community for generations to come.


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