Work continues for ISC at Westcombe Park, Heybridge

1st February 2024

Despite facing one of the wettest Novembers on record, the work on the Westcombe Park project in Heybridge has achieved remarkable progress over the past few months. ISC has completed over 6000m2 of full-depth carriageway construction, and 4000m2 of full-depth footways and cycleways have been successfully installed, complete with associated street lighting and signage.

The project has also seen the installation of over a kilometre of new Foul Drainage, reaching depths of up to 6 meters, alongside a Foul Pumping Station and associated rising main. ISC has also incorporated 2km of Surface Water Drainage with connecting attenuation basins.

A new brick-built Electrical Substation, HV & LV Cabling, Telecoms infrastructure, and Water and Gas Mains have been seamlessly integrated throughout the development. Simultaneously, the project includes the construction of a 1.2km relief road, forming an essential link across this major development site.

Working collaboratively with our specialist supply chain, we have ensured the highest standards in health, safety and environmental considerations at Westcombe Park, all complemented by precise project management. At ISC we have successfully implemented an efficient earthworks management strategy on site, achieving zero waste to landfill.

This environmentally conscious approach significantly minimises the need for imported aggregates by over 25,000m3, reducing both costs and environmental impact. By streamlining the earthworks process, we have successfully minimised HGV movements on local roads. This effort not only contributes to smoother traffic flow but also results in a substantial reduction in C02 emissions, showcasing our commitment to eco-friendly construction methodologies and responsible resource management.

At ISC, our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the critical importance of safeguarding our planet for future generations.

The Westcombe Park Project in Heybridge not only underscores engineering prowess but also emphasises our commitment to sustainability and efficient project management. This project is poised to make a lasting impact on the local landscape and community.

To learn more about the first phase of works we completed on the project in January 2023, click here.

Westcombe Park, Heybridge


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