National Apprenticeship Week – Meet Amrun

8th February 2024

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, ISC is proud to shine a spotlight on one of our exceptional apprentices, Amrun Dayal. At just 19 years old, Amrun is making significant strides in his career as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor, while simultaneously pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Quantity Surveying at the University of Greenwich.

Amrun’s journey with ISC began in September 2023, fresh off completing his A-Levels. He dove straight into the world of construction, embarking on a 5-year part-time course that combines practical experience with academic learning. Four days a week, Amrun is immersed in the dynamic environment of ISC, where he collaborates with the team assisting in managing project costs, negotiating subcontractor quotes, and engaging with clients.

Reflecting on his experience, Amrun emphasises the crucial role ISC has played in supporting his educational progression. “ISC have been very helpful with my course,” he shares. “They allow me the time I need to complete assignments and provide the resources required.”

Beyond the classroom, Amrun highlights the brilliant on-site training he receives at ISC. While he was already familiar with the world of construction before starting, the guidance of experienced ISC staff has further broadened his expertise. “Training on-site has been largely beneficial,” Amrun notes, underscoring the invaluable practical knowledge gained through hands-on experience.

When asked about advice for those considering an apprenticeship, Amrun is clear in his endorsement. “People should consider apprenticeships as I believe they are the way forward,” he asserts. “I am earning a wage while earning a degree and receive no university debts – it is hugely beneficial and is a great foundation for a promising career.”

As Amrun continues to excel in his role at ISC, his journey stands as a testament to the value of apprenticeships in shaping the future workforce. With dedication, support, and a passion for learning, individuals like Amrun are poised to make a lasting impact in their chosen fields, embodying the spirit of National Apprenticeship Week and the ethos of continuous growth and development.

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National Apprenticeship Week - Meet Amrun


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